Welcome to Bathurst Remembers Web Site. For anyone wanting to know more about Bathurst NSW both in the past and present we feel sure it will be an invaluable aid. Have a quick scan through the above tabs. Particularly If you’re interested in events, history or filmmaking.

And we’re not just confined to print material! The Remembers Project has grown out of a predominately filmmaking background. There are many excellent DVD programs that are available for free borrowing from the Bathurst Regional Library. For those further afield you will be able to see some condensed features on Bathurst Remembers You Tube. Once we start listing the Catalogue it may also be possible for you to purchase certain titles.

Now for some very exciting news: 2015 is when we celebrate Bathurst’s Bicentenary Year as Australia’s First Inland European Settlement. Much is planned and Remembers will be taking an active part.

You should put it in your 2015 itinerary to visit us and be part of the celebrations. For more information look up bathurst200.com.au

home-banner3One unique idea that Remembers has come up with and which we particularly invite and encourage you to participate in is our Bathurst Remembers 200years You Tube Competition.

Whether you’re from Bathurst or far away, as long as you focus your story on Bathurst you can take part. Go to the Competition Tab above to find out more details.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions please go to our Face Book Page: https://www.facebook.com/BathurstRemembers


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