Catalogue-bannerThis is under development and will ultimately list all the DVD’s that have been released to the Bathurst Regional Library – around 150 to date.

For those living in the immediate surrounds of Bathurst, DVD’s can be borrowed free from the library.

For those living further afield we will work on a cost recovery purchase system -yet to be finalised. Condensed features are also to be found on Bathurst Remembers You Tube portal.

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Just a few of the titles currently available: 

1. Background To The Remembers Project

2. Tourism Video National Model A Enthusiasts Visit key Tourist Venue in Bathurst and Surrounds

3. Events Videos e.g.: Proclamation Day Inland Sea of Sound Annual Music Festival

4. Bathurst In The Eighties

5. the Year 2000 and Bathurst’s Involvement In the Olympics

6. Macquarie Philharmonia Orchestra ‘The Messiah’ performed in All Saints Cathedral

7. Mitchell Conservatorium’s Silver Anniversary Concert

8. Aboriginal Heritage

9. The Best of the ‘Around The Schools’ Education Week Specials

10. International Year of Peace IYP. In 1986 CARP received a commission from the Department of Foreign Affairs to reflect the feelings of many Communities and schools on what they felt about PEACE. The responses and initiatives are inspiring even though 30 years have now passed.

11.Sommerville Lectures on Environment &Climate

12. Paddlewheels On The Darling and Barwon Rivers. This is the pinnacle of CARP Inc’s productions. Filmed in the early eighties the program is unique in that it contains interviews with original riverboat captains.

13. Peter Brock. Many of the Bathurst Tributes to the late Peter Brock in 2006 have been combined with past events featuring Peter.

14. Catapult Circus Performance Workshops and Youth Week Festival 2014. Three disks. Also recently uploaded to You Tube

15. 150th Anniversary of Cobb and Co in 2004

16. Official Dedication of Lewin’s Gate in 2004 and a wonderful Band Concert

17. Bathurst’s Sesqui Centenary in 1965. Duncan McDonald’s 8mm Film is a rare treasure recording a most significant event in Bathurst’s History.

18. Good Teaching Real Learning. An outstanding Research and practical program on the essentials of Teaching and Learning.

19. The Great 24 Hour Race in 2003 – A look behind the scenes.

20. The Women of the West. In 1988 CARP received a Bicentenary grant to feature the lives of pioneering women in Western NSW.

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