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Bruce-profileAbout Bruce Ryan

Bruce has been an avid filmmaker for almost 6 decades. As a child he was interested in photography experimenting with images and developing and printing his photos in a bathtub and building his own enlarger and lighting system. As a student he was a keen member of photography groups often doing school classroom group photos as a way of earning some money for camera equipment.

As a teacher and consultant for 25 years he explored the use of media resources in schools especially sound-slides and 8mm filmmaking particularly single concept films. In the Whitlam era following a number of grants, Bruce designed his own Communication and Resources Production Van and circulated around schools in NSW teaching about Audio Visuals, Media Education and Filmmaking. Following formal Film and Public Relations Training over a period of seven years, he used the first colour portapak equipment west of the mountains to film newsclips for TV transmission.

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A Media and Marketing Unit was formed at Bathurst which produced the very popular ‘Around The Schools’ Television series winning a number of prestigious awards and commendations over a period of 16 years in the 80’s and 90’s.

Also during this time a team of professional media personnel from print, television, children’s’ mobile services, education and community services formed the Communication and Resources Project Incorporated (CARP Inc) which received major Japanese amd Bicentennial backing for the work it was doing particularly in isolated areas. The organisation still exists today and in fact is oversighted the development of the Bathurst Remembers Website and Bicentenary YouTube Competition

With his retirement in 1997, from the Department of Education, Bruce and Bathurst Regional Council were given the custodianship of 600 television and curriculum resource programs filmed by the Media & Marketing Unit. From ideas formulated in writing a major submission for Cooperative Multimedia Centres in the Keating era he developed the Remembers Project. For 15 years he has been working on the restoration of video and film archives related to Western NSW to interactive DVD format.

Realising that history is not just the distant past Bruce and his volunteers have continued shooting notable events in Bathurst History over a period of 20 years which culminate in 2015 with Bathurst’s Bicentenary Celebrations.

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