How to Upload your competition Entry


Congratulations on getting through this far with your entry!

Below are the steps to upload your clip to our youtube competition page.

1. Go to

2. Search for “Bathurst Remembers 200yrs”

3. In the top right corner, click on Upload

4. Username:

Password: upload2015      (all lower case) 

5. Click on “Select Files to upload” and from the “Open”

window, browse to your video.

Click "Open"

6. While the video is uploading you will be able to fill in the

available boxes with a Title, a summary of your clip and

the Bathurst hashtags. (Example’s:

#Bathurstremembers200yr, #Bathurst #Bathurst

Bicentennary and so on.

*Note: Your video may take a while to upload. Be patient

and DO NOT close the youtube upload window.

8. Log out of the Competition Youtube account.  

To do this, click on the small camera icon in the very top

right corner of your screen and then click “Sign Out”

Ruth (Website Team):

Mob 0428 087 075

Bruce (Filmmaker):

Bus: 02 6332 1247

Mob: 0415 343 322

Some early entrants whom weren't able to upload to the competition YouTube page, successfully uploaded to our bathurstremembers Facebook page.

When we get to judging after the 15th October we will scan both sites so we don’t miss your entries.

*Note that for the completion to activate we must have at least 30 entries.

Various Prize categories will be determined from the range of entries we receive. If you are a student please show your age in the credits, otherwise your entry will just go In the open category.

Entries can be real or make believe stories/events/presentations from 2 mins to 15mins and must make reference to Bathurst.

We are now getting to the stage in time for Major Bicentenary Events to be occurring.

All of these could make great subjects for a film. Remember your entry will be enhanced if you include Interviews!

Some key points that make a winning entries are:

  • Think before you shoot,

  • Hold the camera steady

  • Get up close to obtain good sound and well framed, in focus pictures.

  • Avoid overdoing zooming. Use it more as a framing tool

Keep up to date with what’s happening by reading and adding comments to the facebook page.

Remember we’re only a phone call or email away if you need more help.