Thank you to everyone who participated in the  ‘Bathurst Remembers 200yrs activities and a hearty Congratulations to the winners in each category.

We hope that you will continue to inspire others with your visual voice!   Your stories have already had a positive impact in raising an awareness of the many treasures on offer in this Historical corner of Country NSW.

Thank you!

……………………..the Remembers Team

Competition Details and Guidelines

This Project is implemented under the banner of CARP Inc (Communication and Resources Project Incorporated}

CARP is a non- profit group established 35 years ago by media professionals keen to help communities communicate effectively and experiment with new technology tools.


Because Bathurst NSW has its Bicentenary Year in 2015 our Remembers Team has decided to run this competition to let people show their creativity and their interest in Bathurst now or in the past, or future. The competition will be launched in October 2014 culminating in an Awards evening in November 2015. Anyone from within Bathurst or beyond can enter

The content is really up to you, but it must make reference to Bathurst e.g.: Lifestyle, Life story, Achievement, Drama, Comedy, History, Indigenous, Multicultural, Mystery, Fantasy, Futuristic, Photographic. Exploratory, Abstract, Inventiveness, How-To, Educational, Tourism, Event, promotional, Overcoming adversity; Sporting, Motor Racing, Business, Industry. Cooking, Home Improvement, Environmental & Sustainability. Entrants can be from Bathurst or worldwide. A knowledge of the Bathurst NSW is, however, essential and should be reflected by the visuals and/or dialogue.

With us, Arts Outwest is aiming to run some How-to Courses in Filmmaking and YouTube in January-March

Entries which are offensive to any person, group or place or that are not conducive to the spirit of the Bicentenary will be excluded from the competition.

Entries that are fictional in nature must show in the credits: ‘This entry is fictional. Reference to any person, place or time is purely coincidental.

Ownership and Liability is vested entirely with the Producer who must allow the work to be listed and shown within the Bathurst Remembers Portals and Web Page at no charge for an indefinite period

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